Eyebrow’s shape and position on the face is affects who do we look apparently. A dropping brow can be a sign of tiredness and sorrow, but it’s also a sign of getting old or what so called aging process.

The eyebrow should be shaped after being evaluated separately on its position itself and also based harmonics within the face. Thus, not only the youth and beauty will be enhanced, but also the power of expression will emerge.

The dropping of eyebrows appears in two ways;
 the first of which the brow is dropping generally and the second one is the dropping and lowering part of the brow in the brow itself. Whatever the cause is, the solution goes through one of the brow lift procedures.


brow lift procedures can be performed with a surgery or without surgery. The simplest method of eyebrow lift without surgery is by injecting botulinum toxin which should last for 4 months and shall be made again afterward. Otherwise, the surgical procedure with lifting, this method can lift all of the eyebrow or the dropping parts.

The permanent eyebrow lift method is performed to lift the eyebrows with surgery.  The surgery can be performed as a part of Eyelid lifting surgery, reaching eyebrow area with an incision made in temple area and fixing the dropping part of eyebrow to non-dropping areas of the face. this surgery rises only the dropping part of the eyebrow. In the operation of lifting of the entire eyebrow, it is performed with an incision through the hair of the forehead area, which can also be done endoscopically.